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Date Title Presenter
2015-04-17 Spiritual Gifts in the Church.mp3 Pastor Brian Bilbrey Play
2015-06-05 BFF Best Friend Forever Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2015-05-22 The Gospel in Isaiah 6 Brian Bilbrey Play
2015-05-15 The Final Word on Differences Steve Rose Play
2015-07-11 God's Message Chris Gonzales Play
2015-07-11 Spiritual Gifts in the Church Brian Bilbrey Play
2015-07-11 Holy Scriptures--Alive with Sounds of Music Dr. John Scharffenberg Play
2015-02-27 Its Not What You Know, It's Who You Know Lee Venden Play
2015-02-20 Trusting, Praising and Fruit Bearing Brian Bilbrey Play
2015-02-13 Rebuilding the Wall Brian Bilbrey Play
2015-02-06 Receive the Spirit Ruben Sanchez Play
2015-01-23 Confessing Jesus & Glorifying God Brian Bilbrey Play
2015-01-16 Keys to Spiritual Growth Brian Bilbrey Play
2015-01-09 Lessons from the Disciples' Feet Brian Bilbrey Play
2015-01-02 Let Me Write Your Future Ken Lockwood Play
2014-12-26 The Power of Christmas or the Power of Christ Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-11-30 Stop Running in the Red and Start Walking in the Black Gordon Botting Play
2014-11-28 Thankfulness, the Practice of Being Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-10-03 Everything We Need Leah Jordache Play
2014-09-26 The Dark Side of God Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-09-19 Consider Each Other-Stiring Up Love Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-08-15 The Reconciliation Factor Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-08-08 The Coloring Song Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-07-04 Self-help Christianity Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2014-05-23 Are you Homogenized or Pasteurized? Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-03-14 The Message of a Peculiar People Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-02-14 Hour of Power Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-02-07 What the Bible Says About Prayer Brian Bilbrey Play
2014-01-24 Freedom Brian Bilbrey Play
2013-12-27 The Best Is Yet to Come Brian Bilbrey Play
2013-12-13 God's Gift Brian Bilbrey Play
2013-11-15 Are We a Teflon or Velcro Church Brian Bilbrey Play
2013-10-25 A Recipe for the Last Days Brian Bilbrey Play
2013-10-18 Transformed Brian Bilbrey Play
2013-10-11 The Joy of Communion Brian Bilbrey Play
2013-09-13 House of Prayer Brian Bilbrey Play
2013-09-06 The Narrow Path Douglas Motsenbocer Play
2013-08-23 All Aboard Brian Bilbrey Play
2013-05-24 Temporary Residents Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2013-04-26 Rahab, Recipient of Kindness Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2013-02-15 I Am Blessed Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2013-02-08 The Protestant Protest Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-12-07 A Keepsake to Remember - Communion-2 Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-12-07 Follow the Leader - Communion-1 Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-11-23 Thanksgiving Feature Ken Lockwood Play
2012-11-30 I'm God's favorite Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-11-11 Fuzzy Thinking Ken Lockwood Play
2012-11-02 Prayer that Really Matters Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-10-26 Developing a Passion for Christ Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-06-15 Kids Can Be Disciples, Too!p3 Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-06-08 A Window in Time Jonathan Kurts Play
2012-06-01 Discipleship Begins at Home Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-05-25 Discipling Our Kids: God's Dream Jonathan Kurts Play
2012-05-11 Seeing What We Can't See Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-04-13 Who Moved the stone? Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-03-30 Feeling Guilty about Feeling Guilty Dennis Gibbs Play
2012-03-23 Pilgrims in a Modern World Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-03-09 Holes in my Pockets Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-02-17 Go, Light Your World Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-02-10 Run the Race Ken Kurts Play
2012-01-13 Real Bread Douglas Motsenbocker Play
2012-01-06 Because You Prayed Ken Speer Play