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OnLine Giving

As a convenience to our members and friends who prefer to manage their finances on-line, or are out of town or otherwise not able to attend church, we offer AdventistGiving.

  • AdventistGiving, was developed and is operated by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.
  • It allows members to return their tithe and give freewill offerings to their local church online using either credit or debit cards.
  • The North American Division pays the transaction fees to ensure you get full credit for your contributions.
  • All your donations are routed to the local church's bank account.
  • Receipts will be issued to you by your local church treasurer, combining normal and on-line donations. Receipts are issued at year's end.
  • Passwords and other security measures assure your privacy on-line.

Here's the link for AdventistGiving